What We Do

Phil Mittertreiner founded Potentials Unlimited in 1995 with a passion to lead
and inspire people, teams and organizations to realize their highest potential.



Develop High Performance Teams



Develop People and
Deliver Business Results



Facilitate Brilliant, Impactful
Large Group Events


Career Management

Support Career Success
Within Organizations


Strategic Planning

Galvanize Your Team and
Chart a Path to Success



Performance Coaching:
Executive, Team and 1 on 1


Our Performance Guarantee
Our promise is 100% satisfaction with the value we deliver.
If we miss this mark, you adjust our invoice and pay whatever you believe is appropriate.
Since our inception in 1995 we have created an excellent track record of delivering on our promises.
More info? See what clients say.

What Clients Say

“Since 2003 I have found Potentials Unlimited to provide development programs and initiatives that are very practical, and delivered in a way that engages positively with our people. Flexibility and practicality are important elements in the success we
have had.”
Paul Blakeley,
Executive Vice-President, Asia-Pacific
Talisman Energy Inc.
“…very insightful and skilled… not afraid to be very honest with feedback.”
Jonathan A. Wright,
President and CEO,
NuVista Energy Ltd.
“Highly customer service focused, consistently delivering practical advice and useful, relevant tools people can use right away. Superb listening skills, committed to client success and accountable for results they commit to.”
Jennifer Koury,
Vice President Human Resources,
BHP Billiton
“Practical, challenging
business focused,
tremendous value.”
Terry Gill,
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Services,
ARC Resources
“Potentials Unlimited cause you to think objectively and deeper about complex issues in a way that creates a unique and encompassing resolution.”
Raymond J. Daniels,
Senior Vice President, Operations,
“boundless energy, creativity and a commitment to making a real difference.”
Carol Crow,
VP of Human Resources,
Matrix Asset Management
“Sustainable, immediate impactful results achieved are the key differentiator.” 
Mike West,
Chief Executive Officer,
CE Franklin
Professional, Insightful, Calm, Experienced, Genuine delivery of tangible results that definitely improve team dynamics.”
Ingram B. Gillmore,
President and CEO,
Gear Energy Ltd

“The leadership team sessions have been practical and inspiring. The highest compliment I can give is that my time was well spent. This was well spent time and will translate into positive business impact”
David Tuer,
Chairman and CEO,
Teine Energy
“inspired and challenged me personally for close to a decade……. I have learned many valuable frameworks and insights that I believe have given our team a competitive advantage in our field.”
Jim Hall,
Chairman and
Chief Investment Officer,
MAWER Investment Management
“a high commitment to achieving actionable outcomes and able to create a safe place to have difficult conversations. The result for us was the most effective session in the history of our company.”
Wendy Hurlburt,
Global CFO,
Lifescan & Animas

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Our Team

Phil Mittertreiner
Phil Mittertreiner
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John Phillips
John Phillips
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Margo Purcell
Margo Purcell
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Jolene Ondrik
Jolene Ondrik
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Fun Facts

We offer a 100% Performance Guarantee

We thrive on cultural differences and have worked in 20 countries
We receive 95% of our business by referral

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2015

Our Approach

Our clients are highly talented and very demanding.
Once they are clear on an outcome they want to get there fast.
Our approach is grounded in the six attributes below. They will help us rise above the clouds – and accelerate your journey to success.
Sustainable change does not happen overnight. But we can help you get there faster.


Generous Listening

We listen extremely well,
uncovering your current requirements
and long-term aspirations.



We have worked on five continents
with dozens of organizations.
We have walked a mile in your shoes.
We get it – quickly.



We are not stuck in one size fits all
methodologies or frameworks.
We cherry pick and can change on a dime.


Creative Positive Energy

People say they feel energized when
they hang around with us.
We demonstrate creativity and
inspire confidence.


Simple, Valuable Tools

Our diverse toolkit delivers
practical frameworks you can
use and apply immediately.


Long Term Partnerships

Focused on the right results for 
you and your organization. 
Your success comes first.
We are successful because of it.


Our Route Map

Our work takes us to some interesting places. We bring a global perspective and an understanding of different cultures & markets.



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Give Phil a call at +1 403.830.4442 to discuss your needs.

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