Our Team

Phil Mittertreiner

When we think of Phil words like creator, inspirer, enthusiast and makes things happen come to mind. He was able to cultivate those skills during his early fast track career at IBM. Yet, he was still unfulfilled and ended up dropping out of corporate life twice for long periods of adventure travel around the […]

John Phillips

The ultimate host. Visionary, resourceful and energetic spirit. A man of many talents. That’s our John. John’s eclectic background includes global consulting and success as a VP in a Fast 50 High Tech Company, which serves him well in working with clients who are experiencing growing pains. He is a passionate learner and teacher, […]

Jolene Ondrik

Limited edition, fun, dreamer, more organized than you think, observer of details not noticed by others, planner (to a point) and getting things off the grounder… that’s how we describe Jolene

Jolene planned to focus her career on internal and external communications, and like most things in her life, turn into so much more. Facilitation, […]

Margo Purcell

Inclusive, Expansive, Empowering, Inspiring – words Margo uses to describe the world she aspires to live in – and words often used to describe Margo herself.

Margo is the Art of the Possible. Spurred into action whenever she hears the words “can’t be done”, Margo skillfully works to understand the root of the resistance. and […]