Career Management

icon2The roots of Potentials Unlimited lie in providing Career Management solutions to organizations. Our approach is unique and consistently delivers high value to organizations and individual participants.

We believe sustained organizational performance can only exist with inspired workforces, who are in the right roles, and who are proactively managing their careers. Our “LifePath™” process is the cornerstone to our success, and we have successfully delivered this to over 5000 individuals in organizations across four continents.

Business problems addressed through the process include;

  • Developing future leaders in organizations.
  • Increasing individual performance and morale.
  • Enhancing retention – the right people stay for the right reasons.
  • Preparing current employees for retirement or transition.
  • Enhancing team performance by adjusting member roles.

Our experience has shown that individual development investments in organizations are compromised for two reasons.

  1. Individuals do not have sufficient “self-awareness” to enable them to make career choices that play to their innate strengths and career interests.
  2. Individuals do not have the necessary “career management” skills to enable them to proactively manage their own careers.

The impact of this on organizations is dramatic. Individuals will often select or are seconded to roles that are a less than ideal fit. Their performance is below their capacity, and their morale begins to suffer. With the best of intentions the organization often responds with individual development investments that are inappropriate, and often are now faced with a performance management problem, garnering considerable time and energy from precious management resources. The cycle continues until the employee “falls into” the right role, or more often, simply carries on and either keeps doing the same thing or emotionally resigns.

lifepathThe LifePath™ process is a proven way to break out of this cycle. It involves;

  • Mapping out the current career management process.
  • Realigning the process to meet organizational and individual requirements.
  • Building individual career management capabilities.
  • Supporting individuals in finding win/win roles in the organization to match their “Career BluePrint™”
  • Ensuring individual development plans enable individuals to play to their strengths, manage their weaknesses and focus on the highest return activities – experience, exposure and education in roughly 70/20/10 proportions.

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