coachingIt is almost impossible to find a world-class athlete who does not have a working relationship with a coach. Yet in business, the reverse seems to be the norm. Many Executives and Senior Leaders, with a deep commitment to independence and success, will choose to work through challenges on their own, and in many cases, they will succeed. In some cases however, they will miss the mark, and in almost all cases, they could have gotten there faster – with greater perspective, insight, learning, and fulfillment. It is in this spirit that we provide coaching services to Executives and Senior Leaders.

We know the challenges facing leaders are large, and complex. The approaches that served a leader well in the past may be the exact ones that are holding them back in the future. We assist leaders in uncovering their true leadership potential. We are a resource to them – providing feedback, assessment, perspective, ideas, and advice. We listen well, surfacing not only the symptoms but also the underlying forces that created or contributed to the problem. We provide challenge, and support. We test the assumptions of current business practices and support the creation of new approaches, helping leaders reach their true potential. We explore both professional challenges and any related personal or work-life balance issues that are impacting the leader.

Coaching Offerings

Our standard coaching offering spans approximately 3 – 9 months as an initial offering and involves 8 personal meetings with the coach plus telephone and email contact.

Meeting One: Building the Coaching Relationship

This one hour introductory meeting provides the foundation for the ongoing work together. The coach and leader will share backgrounds, objectives, and decide if there is a fit between them. Presuming the answer is yes, they will then create a “coaching contract” outlining the issues to be explored, expectations, timelines and meeting dates.

Meetings Two – Seven: Coaching Work

Over a 2 – 3 month period the leader and coach will meet six times for approx. 2-3 hours each session. During these situations time will be spent;

• Issue Identification – clarifying the problem, issue, or opportunity

• Gaining Perspective – assessing the current situation, seeing it from different perspectives

• Exploration – uncovering the dynamics, obstacles and complexities surrounding the issue

• Generating Options – generating an inventory of potential options

• Committed Choice – choosing a new path, providing reinforcements

Meeting Eight: Acknowledging Success

This one-hour meeting takes place approx. 2 months after the final coaching session. It allows the leader and coach to acknowledge and celebrate successes and explore any additional obstacles and options.

We also offer custom coaching services. Some leaders have a requirement for only one or two meetings with a coach; others are looking for a coaching relationship spanning more than eight meetings. We would be delighted to propose an offering to meet your unique needs.