Project Description

The ultimate host. Visionary, resourceful and energetic spirit. A man of many talents. That’s our John. John’s eclectic background includes global consulting and success as a VP in a Fast 50 High Tech Company, which serves him well in working with clients who are experiencing growing pains. He is a passionate learner and teacher, with an MBA under his belt and several stints lecturing at UBC. His many informal titles include Marketer, Inventor, Advocate and Dean of Delivery.  John is a jack of many trades and suggests a master of none. We beg to differ as we turn to John for a range of support. He is highly skilled at technology having built information systems from the ground up.  It was here John uncovered the importance of people in the success equation.  “Doesn’t matter how slick a system I designed, if I missed incorporating the importance of people, it would likely fail to meet its potential”.

John is resourceful and looks at client challenges as though they are his own. His boundless energy always shows up, whether facilitating a team development retreat, offering ideas during a strategic planning offsite or conducting a leadership communications workshop. Those who work with him need to beware that he is obsessive about sustainability (and recycling) and will ask you to join other Firms of Endearment in the Conscious Capitalism movement. And he gives back to the community in many ways. John leads our West Coast Practice and lives in Lions Bay, BC with his wife Carol who tirelessly (and mostly unsuccessfully) tries to keep his many projects and dinner invites in check.  Their faithful hound Mack takes on announcing every new visitor. John also loves to cook and leaves a big mess, but most at the table will concede that the cleanup is worth the trouble. He also likes to ski, hike, travel, bike and ski some more.

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