Project Description

Limited edition, fun, dreamer, more organized than you think, observer of details not noticed by others, planner (to a point) and getting things off the grounder… that’s how we describe Jolene

Jolene planned to focus her career on internal and external communications, and like most things in her life, turn into so much more. Facilitation, negotiation, project management, change leadership, employee engagement… the list goes on for the roles she has tackled. One thing we’re sure of is her passion for organizations that have and desire a fantastic culture. She will talk your ear off about this subject if you let her and her goal is to inspire organizations to get there.

Jolene believes that any session or workshop she facilitates belongs to the participants, and more often than not, ends up throwing the agenda out the window to meet the group where they are at and get them to where they want to go. This comes from listening and understanding their needs as they emerge and quickly adapting to ensure the time a group spends with her is valuable and outcome focused.

Jolene still works with clients on communications, because without communications, how can you possibly influence culture? This includes both formal communications (the kind where you strategically engage your employees and the public in your values, vision and goals) and interpersonal communications (why can’t people just talk to each other?).

In her spare time she enjoys relaxing in the sun and perfecting the art of the perfect cast while fly fishing. Get her talking about food and it is highly likely the subject of bacon, nachos and/or mushroom soup (her favorites) will come up. Jolene also likes to write bits and pieces, articles or stories that will one day, translate into a book or two.

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