Project Description

Inclusive, Expansive, Empowering, Inspiring – words Margo uses to describe the world she aspires to live in – and words often used to describe Margo herself.

Margo is the Art of the Possible. Spurred into action whenever she hears the words “can’t be done”, Margo skillfully works to understand the root of the resistance. and create ways to help people and organizations see HOW it can be done.

Margo started her career in the insurance industry, quickly working her way to positions of increasing responsibility and challenge. Life events brought her to a time and place where she had to make some important decisions – about where she was in her life and more importantly, where she wanted to go.

Conversations with friends about “what do you want to do” led her to a life altering conversation with Phil Mittertreiner and a 3-day intensive career workshop called LifePath. It was after this she started her company Open To Possibilties in 2004 with a focus on helping organizations and individuals in the areas of change, leadership and career success.
Margo has developed into a highly skilled workshop facilitator and coach. Her signature creation is the systematic approach to unlocking the full potential of an individual, team or organization to attain strategic goals – known as TeamScapingTM .

Margo appreciates the gift she received from others when they saw potential in her. She pays it forward to others by seeing and encouraging them to step fully into their own potential.  Being very community minded, she does this for organizations and groups that otherwise might not have access to her work by volunteering her time and services. The Calgary United Way, Calgary Food Bank, the Calgary Girls School and Bridges Social Development are just some of the organizations she is actively engaged with.


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