Project Description

Artist, deep listener, life guide, facilitator and coach, Paddy’s career began in the physiology laboratory assessing the fitness levels of some of Canada’s finest elite swimmers and Nordic skiers. With a Masters in Human Development and post-graduate certification as an Exercise Specialist (American College of Sports Medicine and Canadian Association of Sports Sciences) Paddy was instrumental in developing a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program in the heart of the Canadian Shield.

Paddy likes to be slightly ahead of the curve and is a trend leader. He has piloted a major community health culture change project and has assisted clients with major organizational change initiatives. Paddy naturally understands team culture and the power of developing strong communication skills and abilities on teams.

Creativity and innovation are hardwired into his bones and he is a master of supporting these sensibilities in others. Paddy is celebrating twenty years of facilitating, coaching and team building. In that time he has continually reinvented himself and explored new ways of supporting and assisting clients that he has served. He is a strong believer in it never being too late to explore a passion or an interest and has model this by stepping into a second career as a visual artist and the pursuit of mastering multiple musical instruments. Paddy is a self-trained artist and refers to his art as ‘abstract art that awakens the soul’.

Paddy’s soul place is the cottage on a pristine lake just outside of Sudbury, Ontario where he resides. At the lake he paddles, swims, cycles, paints, reads, rests (when he isn’t attending to the ‘to do’ lists or raking leaves). In the winter Paddy still laces up the skates for a little pick up hockey and likes to make an annual trip west to hang and ski with close friends.

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