Project Description

When we think of Phil words like creator, inspirer, enthusiast and makes things happen come to mind. He was able to cultivate those skills during his early fast track career at IBM. Yet, he was still unfulfilled and ended up dropping out of corporate life twice for long periods of adventure travel around the world. After participating in a life-changing workshop, delivered by colleague and mentor Ruth Sheehan, he finally found his calling, resigned from IBM and started Potentials Unlimited. Lucky for Phil (and us) he is a natural in the game of business and the art of leadership.

Phil is at his best when working with a group of people – listening, summarizing, offering new perspectives or explaining a complex issue in the simplest of language. Companies fly him around the world to facilitate executive meetings because they noticed his presence leads to inspiration, insight and aligned action.

Phil is also very talented at design. He is a skillful and courageous executive team coach who will speak out when the emperor is not wearing any clothes – and the emperor thanks him! He has lots of ideas, many of which are excellent, some of which are preposterously outrageous. He is not offended when you point them out.

Phil is the grand poobah, chief bottle washer and sultan of swing at Potentials Unlimited Inc. Demand for his skills exceeds his available time. The talents of our team far exceed what Phil can offer working on his own. So we work together for everyone’s collective benefit.

People regularly comment on how positive Phil is. He is exceptionally good at making the best of almost any situation. He does a lot of volunteer work in the community. He loves his family. His office is a complete mess.

Teenage son Devin enjoys similar passions as Phil. They ski a lot. Likely way more than you believe is sensible. They like to mountain bike. They skateboard together, frequently comparing bruises and scrapes. We often wonder who’s the teenager and who’s the adult.

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