Strategic Planning 

“If you don’t know where you are going you will end up someplace else”
Yogi Berra


stratigic_planningWe frequently hear leadership teams saying we need to get everyone on the same page. When we ask to see this mythical page we are often greeted with a blank stare. We will work with your leadership team to create this page.

Charting a path to success enables everyone to get on the same page, marching in the same direction. That direction is framed by:

  • Our Purpose, a simple expression of why we exist (including and beyond ‘making money’);
  • What we stand for and believe in as described by Our Values and how these are modeled in our workplace, our Values in Action;
  • Our Vision of the future – a crisp and compelling summary of future success;
  • Our Difference, a description of what sets us apart from the pack in the eyes of our stakeholders;
  • Strategic Priorities that describe our areas of focus and help to define where we invest our energy;
  • The Wildly Important Goals that clarify the shorter term outcomes we wish to achieve, creating engagement, energy and focus;
  • The Metrics and Measures that further define when we have succeeded.

We draw from a collection of pre-work, videos, tools, individual and group exercises combined with a healthy measure of dialogue to ensure all perspectives and ideas are heard. You will collaborate, create, discuss, debate, prioritize and eventually agree on your organization’s One Page Plan.

While completing this work another thing is happening. Creating something meaningful together can be a powerful team development activity. We draw upon our expertise in working with teams to ensure the process results in a higher performing executive team.

To ensure sustainable success we back your plan with a process to fully engage the organization on the path you chart.  We introduce four disciplines that encourage focus, support aligned action, behavioral change and accountability. These disciplines will enable you to rise up above the whirlwind of the day-to-day producing greater impact and superior results.