“Potentials Unlimited is a high value partner to our business. They provide great facilitation and content knowledge on tools for employees and leaders to help them be the best they can be. Highly customer service focused, consistently delivering practical advice and useful, relevant tools people can use right away. Superb listening skills, committed to client success and accountable for results they commit to. They are extremely flexible and clearly focus on what the customer needs vs. a more “standard” template approach that other larger, consulting houses might use. “
Jennifer Koury, Vice President Human Resources, BHP Billiton


“My relationship with Potentials Unlimited (Phil Mittertreiner) has existed since 2003.  The approach and solutions provided are very much tuned to exactly what our organization needs on its journey of improvement. I have found Potentials Unlimited to provide programs and initiatives that are very practical, and delivered in a way that engages positively with our people.  Often I find other organizations inclined to offer a fixed menu (take it or leave it) that uses too much jargon and mystique. Flexibility and practicality are important elements in the success we have had with Potentials Unlimited. I personally have benefited, along with our senior leadership team and our broader organization.”
Paul Blakeley, Executive Vice-President, Asia-Pacific, Talisman Energy Inc.


“We have worked together since 2002. Phil offers a very good and down to earth teambuilding and leadership experience.  You are one of the very best I’ve worked with for this. You can leave a session and use what you’ve learned the next day.  I also like Phil’s casual style including humor and music.  I also really like that he is very insightful and skilled in what he does and in understanding where people come from, and is not afraid to be very honest with feedback.”
Jonathan A. Wright, President and CEO, NuVista Energy Ltd.


“Working with our executive team and board, you demonstrated excellence in skills and service that delivered impactful results.

I would say the biggest differentiator is that skills development and or new thinking and capabilities are linked back to the initial request and are also designed and followed up to be put in practice –  creating results and value immediately.  Many other service providers “dump skills and information” on the client that can be helpful and motivational, but that method is not sustainable.  Sustainable, immediate impactful results achieved are the key differentiator.”

Mike West, CEO, CE Franklin


“Your broad experience allows you to pull in processes, tools, experiences that are appropriate for the problem and you do not just push the same process all the time. Good at building a relationship of trust with the client and giving them confidence that they will be successful. This has had a significant positive impact on our leadership team and our organization.”
Raymond J. Daniels, Senior Vice President, Operations, Enerplus


“Phil and his team from Potentials Unlimited has supported me since 1995 in three different organizations. I’ve benefited from a long term trusted coaching relationship. The organization has experienced enhanced leadership and higher performing teams. This has been a large contributor to my success and to our organizations success.”
Terry Gill, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, ARC Resources


“Professional, Insightful, Calm, Experienced, Genuine delivery of tangible results that definitely improve team dynamics”
Ingram B. Gillmore, President and CEO, Gear Energy Ltd.


“We are planning for our third executive team offsite with Phil and every single member of our team is engaged and looking forward to it. We have been making great progress in developing as leaders and as an executive team. Your style, approach, experience and wisdom have contributed greatly to this success.”
Frank Burdzy, CEO, Champion PetFoods


“Potentials Unlimited has been invaluable to us as we transform our organization. Not only do they bring a diversified bag of tools, they bring them in a fresh innovative packages that lead to early and sustainable gains.”
Randy Findlay, President, Provident Energy Ltd.


“Phil’s long term work with our SE Asia operations is highly valued and appreciated. His deep understanding of people and organizations, fresh approach and infectious enthusiasm led to breakthroughs in open exchange, cross cultural learning’s and ultimately higher team performance.”
Paul Blakeley, EVP East, Talisman Energy Inc.


“Thank you Phil for facilitating our leadership team retreat. It had a tremendous impact. I found you to be passionate, enthusiastic, customer focused, and compassionate. You moved the group clearly towards outcomes without compromising the process or our relationships. You modeled excellence in communication – listening well, ensuring full participation from all team members and providing candid, clear and useful feedback to myself and to other team members.

In summary, you are an expensive duck, but deliver the value I demand. I would rather pay more for a quality service that meets or exceeds expectations than save money up front and not get the results I want.”

Gordon Aker, P.Eng, Director, Wild Rose Region, TransCanada


“Our team found the workshop to be extremely useful. One of the team members was very cynical going into the day, we had tried these types of assessments in the past, and in his opinion were a waste of time. By mid-morning, when he received his Insights Assessment, he was in shock, he felt it was so accurate. The sharing of styles was so beneficial, so many “now I know why you do that” and “I’ll try not to do that any more” from everyone.

The impact of the session was experienced immediately. We successfully executed the resolution of a major issue on a critical project. We worked as a team; all keeping in mind our “dos” and “don’ts” of communicating. As well, my observation was that everyone was conscious of everyone else’s preferred style. The approach on the issue at hand was excellent.

Everyone found Phil to be full of “insight”, no pun intended. Phil has excellent observation/listening skills, as well as the ability to summarize and provide constructive feedback during the discussions.”

Alexandra Federucci, Vice President, Information Services, Talisman Energy Inc.


“Phil Mittertreiner has facilitated our board planning session for 2 years now, and has also provided facilitation and consulting services our senior executive team. He is a gifted facilitator, and uses a variety of innovative tools, techniques and activities to encourage participation, sharing and listening. He has a strong ability to adapt to changing situations and is very skillful in assisting teams and individuals to build strong relationships.

His work has enabled our team and our board to enhance our relationships, increase our job satisfaction, and attain higher levels of individual and team performance.”

Garth Manness, Chief Executive Officer, Credit Union Central of Manitoba


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